Chevrolet Introduces Call Me Out Smartphone App to Combat Risky Driving

Call Me Out smartphone app - Distracted Driving

Chevrolet has launched the new Call Me Out smartphone app to fight risky distracted driving habits. It will remind drivers to keep their eyes on the road and not use their smartphones while driving.

The app seeks to close the reported discrepancy between perceived danger and smartphone usage while driving. A recent Research Now survey reported that while 84 percent of people consider driving while handling a phone dangerous, a remarkable 90 percent of drivers admit that they have done it.

The innovative Call Me Out app uses two important, influential pressures to discourage this risky habit ―your loved ones and technology.

The Call Me Out app works as an audible alert system.

  • In the app, drivers can record positive messages from their loved ones that push them to focus on the road and not use their phones while driving.
  • To detect phone use while driving, the app uses the phone’s accelerometer and GPS system to monitor when the phone is picked up when traveling faster than 5 mph.
  • If detection occurs, the app plays the recorded messages reminding drivers to stay safe.

Although state-of-the-art safety technologies are valuable additions to any vehicle, practicing safe driving habits is the most important thing. To reward such habits, the Call Me Out smartphone app features a scoreboard and rankings system, and  you are rewarded with high scores for the timeframe you refuse to text or browse while behind the wheel.

All of us Pine Belt Chevrolet are advocates against distracted driving and encourage our customers to practice safe driving habits. If you have further questions about this app or want tips on how you can fight distracted driving, stop by and see us.

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