Why VW and Electrify America Are Advertising the Chevy Bolt EV

Chevy Bolt EV

The Volkswagen subsidiary “Electrify America,” a group established to improve electric vehicle infrastructure in order to lay the groundwork for Volkswagen’s upcoming electric vehicles, has put out a campaign advertising a range of non-Volkswagen electric cars, including the Chevy Bolt EV.

It seems like an odd move for Volkswagen to advertise non-Volkswagen cars this way. In the ad, Flintstones music playing over the driver in the gas-powered VW car and the theme song of the Jetsons playing when a Chevy Bolt EV driver pulls up, implying that the gas car is outdated and electric cars are the future.

But when you consider the goal of Electrify America, it becomes more obvious why. If Volkswagen is going to expand infrastructure, it inevitably will help EV sales for other companies as well — and that’s not a bad thing, even for VW. If drivers feel buying an electric car is viable for them, VW will get more sales—even if they lose some to Chevy and other EV-selling brands.

The Chevy Bolt is still hard to beat in terms of electric vehicles. Its electric range is matched only by the Tesla Model 3, and it’s significantly less expensive, making it possibly the most accessible, drivable electric cars on the market. You can find it and other eco-friendly cars here at Pine Belt Chevrolet.

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