Improve your Driving Posture for a Healthier Body and a Safer Drive

Driving Posture | Hattiesburg, MS

A long morning commute behind the wheel can do a number on your body — especially if you drive with poor posture. A bad driving stance leads to backaches, neck cramps, and sore shoulders with poor circulation throughout the body. Make some adjustments to your driving posture by following these tips.

Support your back

Driving in a way that does not properly support your back is an easy bad habit to adopt, but simple to correct. Slide your tailbone as far back into the seat as possible. This relieves the pressure off of your back.

Lift your hips

Adjust the bottom of your seat to support your thighs so that your knees are slightly lower than your hips. This opens up your midsection to support healthy circulation in your hips.

Create some space

Don’t sit too close to the steering wheel. Sitting away from the steering wheel is good for your legs and knees, and it is also safer in the event of an accidental collision.

Set the headrest

The top of the headrest should be between the top of your ears and the top of your head. If it presses into your neck or make turning your head uncomfortable, you need to readjust it.

Adjust mirrors

Your side and rear-view mirrors are important to your vision of traffic behind and around your vehicle. Modify them before driving your car for the first time so you can easily see all traffic without moving too much. If you need any other driving tips, stop in and see our experienced department staff at Pine Belt Chevrolet in Hattiesburg.

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