Preparing for Spring: Spring Car Maintenance Tips

spring car maintenance

Every season brings new challenges to your car, even in the warm, wonderful climate of Mississippi. With this refreshing time around the corner, follow these spring car maintenance steps to get ahead of the equinox this year.

Replace wiper blades

While Mississippi may see little snowfall, your wiper blades are still doing double-duty with the extra precipitation from this winter season. This excess moisture may benefit off-roading experiences, but it wreaks havoc on your wipers. Replace them sooner rather than later.

Schedule an Oil Change

Do not put off an oil change. Scheduling one seasonally is a great habit to adopt if you want to maximize your vehicle’s lifespan. Before you drive in the pleasant spring weather, schedule an appointment with Pine Belt Chevrolet’s service department.

Check Your Tires

Changing temperatures means changing tire pressure. Driving on over- or under-inflated tires is dangerous, so ensure your tires’ pressure and tread are roadworthy before you travel.

We are here to help. If it is time for a new set of tires, wiper blades, or an oil change, visit our service department at Pine Belt Chevy.

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